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  • Fabric: Crafted from silky satin, this blouse offers a luxurious feel and a glossy finish that beautifully showcases the print.

  • Design: It features an innovative reversible design with no shoulder seams, which allows for front and back interchangeability, essentially providing two different styles in one garment.

  • Print: The print is a dramatic and stylish motif that includes what seems to be elements of fashion imagery and typography, possibly incorporating fashion-related words, adding a modern and chic touch.

  • Hem Finish: An elegant rolling hem adds a polished touch to the garment, enhancing its sophistication.

  • Versatility: This blouse can be worn with the print showing at the front for a statement look or reversed for a more subdued style, making it a versatile piece for different occasions and moods.



Vogue Reflection

SKU: SY-560-FA
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