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  • Fabric: Made from chiffon, the cape is lightweight with a translucent quality that drapes elegantly over the body.

  • Design: The cape features a bold face outline and rose graphic, offering a modern take on portraiture in fashion. The vivid red of the rose provides a pop of color against the monochromatic backdrop.

  • Trim: The border is embellished with a Greek key pattern trim, adding a touch of classical sophistication to the contemporary art design.

  • Detachable Feature: As a detachable element, this cape offers versatility, allowing the wearer to instantly transform their look. It can be added to different base layers like dresses or tops, adapting to various styles and occasions.

  • Wearability: The cape’s round neckline and open-front design ensure it can be worn with ease, providing an immediate upgrade to an array of looks, from casual to formal.



Vision in Vogue cape

SKU: SC-002-FC
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